Flood Protection Funding for Rocky Ripple

Breaking news…the city of Indianapolis is pledging to provide funds for Rocky Ripple flood protection. Check out today’s article in the Indianapolis Star:
City pledges $10M for Rocky Ripple flood protection
Indianapolis wants to build a separate project from the White River flood wall.

Levee Restoration/Tree Removal

The Rocky Ripple Town Council is pleased to announce that the project to remove diseased, leaning and/or dead potentially dangerous trees along the river levee is moving forward.  Removal of identified problematic trees on the levee between 600 West 54th and 500 Ripple Road will begin on Monday.  This $40,000 investment in the restoration of our levee is phase I of a joint project between the Town of Rocky Ripple and the City of Indianapolis.  Tree removal is scheduled to take place Nov. 21st through Dec. 2nd.

Levee Repair/Restoration Meeting on Thursday


The Town Council will be holding a meeting this Thursday evening, September 29, 2016, at 7 pm at the town hall to provide answers to questions from residents that live along White River between Sunset and the 500 block of Ripple Road regarding levee repair and restoration efforts that will be completed on town property behind their homes this fall.  Other residents and general public interested parties are welcome to attend.

Festival Thank Yous

Thanks to everyone that came out for this year’s Rocky Ripple Festival.  We hope you had a wonderful time.  Special thanks to festival coordinator Dhyana Raynor and the team of volunteers that brought this event together for the 17th year!!  Results for how much money was raised for the continued maintenance and development of our Rocky Ripple parks will be shared in the upcoming eNews edition.