Photos To Be Taken of Properties Along River Affected by Proposed Floodwall

Notice was sent earlier this week to property owners along White River in Rocky Ripple that will be affected by the proposed Rocky Ripple Floodwall that a contractor for the City of Indianapolis DPW (Arcadis) will be taking photos of each affected property late this week and/or next week. Exact dates are weather dependent. The photos will be utilized for planning purposes being managed by the City and project team under contract by the City. There will be two to three team members taking the photos and should be easily identifiable by the vests they will be wearing. We wanted to provide you with this info in case you see them and want to know what they are doing. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

· Megan Hulland (724) 816-8889
· Mandy Redmond (317) 319-7865
· Randy Sanders (317) 431-0091


Letters from DLZ to Rocky Ripple Property Owners Along the River/ May 12 Town Board Meeting

Hello Fellow Rocky Ripplers,

We hope everyone has continued to stay safe during the past month.  We do have a couple updates to share.  First of all, we will be holding the May Rocky Ripple Town Board meeting as scheduled on 12-May-2020 at 7:30 pm.  However, to maintain safe distancing, the meeting will be held as a teleconference using Zoom.  To listen in, use the information below.  You will need to provide your name in order to join the meeting.

Also, we have received inquiries regarding letters that owners of property along the river in Rocky Ripple received during the past week from DLZ, a subcontractor to AECOM and City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works.  The letters were to let affected property owners know that survey work will be done on their properties in the near future.  AECOM has been hired by the city to serve as its technical representative for the Rocky Ripple flood protection initiative.  You may recall that AECOM is the engineering firm that came up with the plans that allow for protection, while saving all homes in Rocky Ripple.

We wanted to provide you with additional information on this. The surveying is being done in order for the city to obtain specific information in preparation for the Rocky Ripple floodwall project.  The survey will be used for identifying design and land acquisition (easement) needs/details for the proposed floodworks and establishing cross sectional information for river modelling necessary for completing the project.  This land surveying is a preliminary engineering task foundational to other future engineering tasks.  The work should include no or very minimal clearing of vegetation to complete.

If anyone has any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact your town council members:

Megan Hulland Mandy Redmond Randy Sanders
(724) 816-8889 (317) 319-7865 (317) 431-0091

Rocky Ripple Town Board Zoom Meeting on 12-May-2020:

Meeting ID: 825 1978 8041
Password: 038300

Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)

New RR Floodwall Advisory Committee Members Sought

Interested Rocky Ripple residents are sought to be a part of a new Rocky Ripple Town Council advisory committee for the Rocky Ripple floodwall project.

The mission of the Floodwall Advisory Committee will be to gather information from residents about what will make a positive or negative impact in regards to the established levee floodwall project and provide feedback for decision making to the Rocky Ripple Town Council.

The committee will provide advice, insight and guidance on floodwall issues to aid the town’s programs for the proposed floodwall and related initiatives. The committee will work with residents living along the wall where it is located on personal and public (Rocky Ripple) property to make the project as palatable as possible.  The charge also includes representation of the wants, thoughts and desires of residents living inside the town’s boundaries but not along the river; as well as the residents in the nine homes that have been left out of the project where riverbank stabilization is to also be a part of the project.

To review the full charter for this committee, click here:  Rocky Ripple Floodwall Advisory Committee Charter.

If you have questions about and/or are interested in being part of this committee, click here to contact a Rocky Ripple town councilor.

Flood Protection Update: MDC Final Vote/Last Public Hearing on 15-May-2019

The Indianapolis City County Council Public Works Committee voted to recommend approval of the declaratory resolution designating the establishment of the White River-Rocky Ripple Flood Control Improvement District on 18-Apr-2019.  The recommendation now goes before the entire City County Council for final adoption on Monday 13-May-2019.  The last public hearing on the matter and final vote on the confirmatory resolution will occur at the Metropolitan Development Commission meeting on Wed., 15-May-2019 at 1 pm in the public assembly room of the City County building.  The full proposal (#192) can be found at the following location:

Any questions regarding flood protection can be directed to your Rocky Ripple Town Councilors at

RR Flood Protection Update –Board of Public Works Hearing Held 27-Feb-2019

The first of several public meetings and hearings to move forward with approval of the flood protection plan recommended by the City of Indianapolis DPW (know as Option 3), which saves all Rocky Ripple homes and includes a new levee made up of a combination of earthen, T-walls and I-walls was held on 27-Feb-2019.  This was the first of the meetings noted in the 12-Feb-2019 communication from the Indianapolis Department of Public works that was sent to all property owners affected by the proposed new levee.  A copy of that letter is posted on this website at the following link:

The outcome of the February 27th Board of Public Works meeting was that three board members voted for approval of the Rocky Ripple flood protection plan.  Two board members voted against the proposal.  As the board requires a quorum in order to pass a resolution, it was determined that another vote would be held at the next scheduled meeting, when two additional board members would be present.  The next Board of Public Works meeting, at which time this second vote will occur, is scheduled for 13-March-2019 at 1 pm in the City County Building Public Assembly Room on Floor 2.  The meeting on March 13th will not be a public hearing, so public comment for or against the proposal will not be allowed.

The tentative meeting schedule for gaining approval to move forward with the flood protection plan was as follows; as another meeting of the Board of Public Works was added, the upcoming meeting dates will be pushed out to the next scheduled meetings of the Acting Bodies.  We will keep you posted of the new dates and times.

Acting Body                           Tentative Date                               Proposed Action

Board of Public Works

February 27 – 2nd meeting scheduled for 13 Mar 2019 Public hearing and vote on District approval recommendation to MDC
Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC)  

March 6

Adoption of a declaratory resolution establishing the proposed District

Full City-County Council


April 8

Introduction of proposal approving the MDC’s declaratory resolution

Council Public Works Committee


April 18

Public hearing and information-only hearing of Council proposal approving the MDC’s declaratory resolution

Full City-County Council


May 13

Vote on proposal approving of MDC’s declaratory resolution
Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC)  

May 15

Public hearing and vote on confirmatory resolution establishing the proposed District

Your Rocky Ripple Town Council strongly encourages you to attend the upcoming public hearings and voice your support of this crucial initiative for our community, as City officials need to hear it from you, not just us.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions in the meantime.

Carla Gaff-Clark      

Mandy Redmond   

Jill Morris