Levee Floodwall Rendering Meeting on Tuesday, June 6th

The Rocky Ripple Town Board will host a special meeting to discuss the town’s flood control project on June 6th at 7p.m.  The meeting will be held at the Meridian Street United Methodist Church, 5500 North Meridian Street.  The meeting will focus on the options for Rocky Ripple’s local flood control project, as discussed in the AECOM report. The options will be shown through renderings of several areas in the neighborhood.

Details are contained in the attached copy of the flyer that was distributed in hard copy form to all residents:  Rocky Ripple Flood Project Meeting Notice

Flood Protection Updates


There are several updates on flood protection initiatives in Rocky Ripple that we wanted to share with you.  As always, we welcome your questions and discussion to understand this somewhat complicated issue.  As we will all need to contribute input on what our future flood protection will look like, Town Council President Carla Gaff-Clark has put together a summary of her thoughts to assist in understanding the issue.  Listed below are links to pages on this website that contain the following:  Carla’s message (which was also posted on Next Door), the final AECOM report regarding flood protection options along the river, AECOM’s response to the town board’s questions on the draft report, a link to the City’s Northside Floodwall project website, which was recently updated with the latest developments, and finally a copy of a card being mailed by the Indy DPW regarding vegetation removal along the canal and Westfield Blvd that will start shortly.

Please note also that further work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, 28-Feb-2017 to remove additional problematic trees on the river levee between 344 Ripple Road and 820 West 54th Street.  If you have any questions at all, please ask.  We want to ensure that you are as informed as possible on this issue.
Carla Gaff-Clark 317-441-5263
Jill Morris 317-408-0524
Mandy Redmond 317-319-7865

City Abandons Westbank Canal Wall

The City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) contacted the Rocky Ripple Town Council late this afternoon to inform us about the attached press release that was distributed this evening.  It states that the DPW has decided, based upon the feasibility study completed, that the Canal Westbank Alignment project will not be pursued. Instead the City will be proceeding with the east side of the canal floodwall along Westfield Blvd.

The Westbank Alignment project could have affected Rocky Ripple homes along the canal, had it been accepted.  City officials stated that we were the first area notified because we would be most affected by this.  They pledged to work with us on what will happen now, based on this decision.  They added that they understand the unique position of Rocky Ripple and will work with us to address our outstanding levee/flood protection concerns.  Further info will be shared as we receive it.

Canal Floodwall Press Release 14-Dec-2015

Indy Public Works reps will be at town meeting Tuesday 8/12

Good evening everyone-

This is a friendly reminder to be sure to join us at the next town council meeting this Tuesday at 7:30 PM.

Representatives from the Indianapolis Department of Public works will be joining us to discuss the city’s position on the levee project.

We need to let the City of Indianapolis know that we need and deserve their help. Please come and show your support for your town and join us this Tuesday night at 7:30 PM (8/12/2014). Also bring your friends and some good questions for the city. This is our chance to hear what the city of Indianapolis is planning to do.

Here is a link to the city’s webpage for the Indianapolis North Side Flood Reduction Project:


Also, on a different note, if you have flood insurance through FEMA, you should be looking for a letter from FEMA seeking verification of your primary residence. It is critical that you respond to this letter, otherwise you will no longer be eligible for Pre-FIRM subsidized rates and your flood insurance rates will rise by 25% per year until your premiums are at the “full risk rate.”

See you Tuesday!


Brad Barcom
Rocky Ripple Town Board President

Army Corps of Engineers releases Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project Final SEIS for review

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Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)
Army Corps of Engineers releases Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction 
Project Final SEIS for review 

LOUISVILLE, KY - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District has 
completed and released the Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project 
Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement  (FSEIS). View the document at 

The FSEIS includes several alternatives for completion of the Phase 3B alignment 
in South Warfleigh.  Public and agency comments received during the review of 
the Draft SEIS in the fall of 2012 were considered in the development of the 
FSEIS.  The FSEIS also recommends tree clearing for Phases 3A and 3C which is 
required to meet Corps of Engineers Levee Safety Criteria.  

The FSEIS is now being circulated for a 30-day review period.  During that time, 
federal, state, and local agencies, and members of the public, may submit 
written comments to the Corps of Engineers by e-mail or formal letter.  The 
FSEIS and instructions for submission of comments are available at the Corps 
Internet site bit.ly/indynorthlevee.  The comment period closes on Monday, July 
8, 2013.  The Corps will evaluate all comments received and take into 
consideration input from the City of Indianapolis, prior to any decisions being 
made on the final alignment for Phase 3B.  Those decisions will be set forth in 
a Record of Decision (ROD) by the Corps of Engineers, Louisville District.

Submit FSEIS comments via email to indynorthfseis@usace.army.mil
Mail written comments to:

Comments may also be provided via telephone voicemail at 502-315-6885 for 
comments less than three minutes in length. For more detailed comments, submit 
via email or mail at the above addresses. 


Carol J. Labashosky 
Public Affairs Specialist 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District 

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE