While located inside Marion County, Rocky Ripple is represented by its own Town Council. The Town Council is comprised of the following representatives:

Andy Hazel
(317) 796-0931
Term: through December 2019

Jill Morris
(317) 408-0524
Term: through December 2019

Mandy Redmond
(317) 319-7865
Term: through December 2019

Kandy Kendall
(317) 255-8117
Term: through December 2019

Town Marshal
Mike Kiefer
(317) 257-7962

Indiana’s Code, Title 36, Article 5, outlines the duties and responsibilities of Town officials.

To find a listing of your government officials outside of Rocky Ripple, visit this IndyGov Web page. Trash pickup information also is included here.

Rocky Ripple Town Hall • 930 West 54th Street
Rocky Ripple, IN 46208 • (317) 257-7962