Photos To Be Taken of Properties Along River Affected by Proposed Floodwall

Notice was sent earlier this week to property owners along White River in Rocky Ripple that will be affected by the proposed Rocky Ripple Floodwall that a contractor for the City of Indianapolis DPW (Arcadis) will be taking photos of each affected property late this week and/or next week. Exact dates are weather dependent. The photos will be utilized for planning purposes being managed by the City and project team under contract by the City. There will be two to three team members taking the photos and should be easily identifiable by the vests they will be wearing. We wanted to provide you with this info in case you see them and want to know what they are doing. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

· Megan Hulland (724) 816-8889
· Mandy Redmond (317) 319-7865
· Randy Sanders (317) 431-0091

2 thoughts on “Photos To Be Taken of Properties Along River Affected by Proposed Floodwall

  1. So this is going ahead? I am so glad! I was afraid any excess Indianapolis funds were going to have to go to COVID-19 relief, which also would have been understandable .

  2. The Rocky Ripple floodwall is well underway and moving forward. Modeling of river flow is currently in progress in order to develop final design. The project is funded largely through a tax increment financing district set up specifically for the project. In addition, we are currently pursuing a federal FEMA grant to assist.

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