BU, DPW to Attend Feb RR Town Board Meeting

Mark your calendars to attend the 12-Feb-2019 Rocky Ripple Town Board meeting at 7:30 pm, at the town hall.  Butler University representatives and City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works project leadership will attend to provide the latest updates on, and answer questions about, Butler support of the river levee project and general status of the project.


Jan 2019 Rocky Ripple eNews Now Available

Happy New Year to All! A new edition of the Rocky Ripple eNews is available on the RRCA website:


If you are not currently on the eNews email list and want to be, send a message to rrcommassoc@aol.com.

RR Flood Protection Survey Available – Complete it by 26-Oct-2018

The Town of Rocky Ripple has been working with the City of Indianapolis, DPW and Butler University to offer Rocky Ripple 100 year flood protection.  The Rocky Ripple Town Board wants to provide you the opportunity to express your opinion about the Option 3 that DPW and the City of Indianapolis are offering.   A copy of the survey is attached here, as well as a summary of the option put together by town residents Mick and Angie, which was previously distributed in hard copy format to each residence.

The Board asks that if you have not already made your stance on this important topic known, please take the time to please submit this form. If you’ve already submitted the previous survey from the meeting at Butler University and have no additional comments or concerns, no further action is requested. The Town Board will take the completed surveys into consideration in our final evaluation.

Survey Oct 2018
Floodwall Yellow Sheet Oct 2018

Drop the completed survey form off at the Town Hall in the outside door slot at the Marshal’s office by 5:00 pm Friday October 26, 2018.

Flood Meeting Presentation Now Available

In case you missed the 06-Sep-2018 Special Rocky Ripple Flood Protection meeting, here is a link to the presentation that gives an overview of the options reviewed and explains the option that city officials recommend:
Rocky Ripple Town Councilors and the Butler University Board of Directors must now decide if they will accept this recommendation. Please share any comments, questions or concerns you may have with your town councilors at the upcoming town board meeting on Tuesday, 11-Sep at 7:30 pm.

Rocky Ripple Flood Protection Meeting 06-Sep-2018

The Rocky Ripple Town Council continues working with city and state legislators to ensure there is flood protection for Rocky Ripple.  We are pleased to announce that the final flood protection options for our local Rocky Ripple flood wall have been prepared and the report is now available.  Two of the potential options allow for saving every house in Rocky Ripple and will meet FEMA certification requirements.

These solutions will be presented at a special meeting to be held at 7 pm on Thursday, September 6, 2018 at Butler University Gallahue Hall Room GH-108. The meeting will be hosted by the Rocky Ripple Town Council, with Butler University, City of Indianapolis DPW and AECOM representation present. Please attend so that you can understand the options and can ask any questions you may have.

A copy of the entire meeting notification communication can be found here.

A copy of the AECOM report can be found here.


Just in from the engineers working on the floodwall along Westfield Blvd: As of right now our schedule tentatively is for closure of 53rd St. bridge the week of 8-05-2018. The 52nd St. bridge closure will follow after the 53rd street closure. The 52nd St. closure would start 8-19-2018. Each closure will be for 11 days each. If we get done sooner, then we will open up closure as soon as we can or if the schedule changes we will let you know ASAP.