Weather Alert for Rocky Ripple residents

Given the severity of the storm projections, the Town Council and community volunteers are preparing to provide assistance to as necessary.

The Town Hall will be opened to residents who have nowhere to go in the event of power outages in the community. Contact Robert Tomey 374-3270 if you have no power. If the Town Hall is opened to residents, Robert suggested bringing personal provisions such as food, pillows, and blankets.

Meanwhile, extra salt has been scattered on the canal path and the bridges into Rocky Ripple have been salted.

Should this winter storm cause downed branches that block roads, residents with chain saws are invited to volunteer to clear roads so that emergency access through town remains open. Contact Robert Tomey if you have a chain saw and can help.

As with any weather emergency, the American Red Cross posts information on how to prepare you and your family for an emergency.

Snow removal updates from the City

Indy Snow Force officials will continue to monitor weather conditions and will make adjustments to the current winter weather plan as needed to ensure safe travel for motorists throughout the day.

Visit to hear a message from Mayor Greg Ballard regarding things we can all do to help ensure the safety of everyone in Indy during winter weather events.

Also, visit to learn more about Indy Snow Force and Mayor Greg Ballard’s commitment to keeping Indy’s streets and roads clear of snow and ice and keeping Indy residents safe. Residents can view safe driving tips as well as a Defensive Driving in Winter Weather video online to help ensure a safer commute.

Call the Indy Snow Force Coldline, the city’s hotline for up to date snow removal information at (317) 327-8000 for further updates or to report emergency snow or ice conditions.

Please contact me with further questions regarding Indy Snow Force and winter weather plans for city roads. For information regarding interstates and state roads, please contact Ashley Hungate with the INDOT at (317) 467-3479.


Steven R. Hardiman II
City-County Council Liaison and Executive Assistant / Department of Public Works
Office of Mayor Greg Ballard – City of Indianapolis P: (317) 327-2053 C: (317) 223-1065

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To be added to Catherine Moore’s updates directly, write to her at Catherine is the liaison between Rocky Ripple and the Mayor’s office.


Town Council Updates

Attend the Festival this Saturday!

Hohlt Park will be home to Rocky Ripple’s 11th annual Art Festival from 11 am to 6 pm. To find out more, visit the Community Association Web site.

THANK YOU to the Community Association and the many community volunteers who make the Festival and so many other events possible in Town!

Fountain Park Update

Thanks to an IPL Golden Eagle Grant, made possible earlier this year through the Center for Urban Ecology at Butler University (CEU@BU), ecological restoration is in process at Fountain Park, located at 53rd Street and Patterson. So far, mulched trails have been created, some native plant seed has been scattered, and invasive honeysuckle has been removed from the interior of the park. Benches and a new sign will be installed, and educational programs will be scheduled for the community. This property was originally donated to the Town by Butler University and has been rezoned as a park.

As the work continues in the park, residents are invited not to dump debris or build fires in the park.

Continued Dry Conditions Require Extra Care
Mayor Announces Burn Ban

With Rocky Ripple having received only just over 1/2 of an inch of rain since the beginning of August, residents are urged to take care not to accidentally spark a fire. According to Indiana officials, “seemingly harmless actions such as driving over or parking on dry grass, or dropping a lit cigarette on the ground could cause a sizeable fire.”

For more information on how to prevent fires, read the notice issued last week by government officials:

Despite Wednesday’s scattered showers, a burn ban has been declared in Marion County.

Update on Jansen Case

Last Wednesday, Anne Jansen was convicted of two counts of D felony theft. She had been accused of stealing money from the Town of Rocky Ripple and the Rocky Ripple Community Association (RRCA), respectively, when she served as Clerk/Treasurer and Treasurer. The guilty plea comes nearly two years after Council President Robert Tomey filed an embezzlement report against Jansen after he was notified by Jansen’s family that she had committed the crime to support her gambling habit over a number of years while in service to the community.

According to Matthew Bavender, deputy prosecutor at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, Jansen plead guilty to both charges and that the sentences for both counts will run concurrently. He said the judge had full discretion on all sentencing, handing Jansen one year probation minus the time she had already served.

Mitigating factors in the case included the unlikelihood that Jansen would commit this type of crime again, Jansen’s age as well as her lack of prior criminal history. Aggravating factors included the position of trust Jansen once held in the community as an elected official.

Bavender added that Jansen is required to seek help for her gambling addication while on probation. He added that final restitution to the Town and RRCA has not been determined, noting that the money she already has returned to the RRCA and the $30,000 bond that was paid to the Town will be subtracted from the total amount of money she owes.

Jansen was accused of taking $60,320.90, according to the State Board of Accounts (SBOA) report. (That amount does not include that which was taken from Community Association accounts.)

Town Council Updates

Be careful: School is in session

Residents are reminded that school is in session and many Rocky Ripple stop signs are also bus pick-up/drop-off sites. Three routes come through town twice daily.

The Mayor’s Community Service Awards

A nomination form has been released for the 2010 Mayors Community Service Awards. The Mayor’s Office will once again recognize Indianapolis citizens for their volunteer contributions and commitment to community service. Marion County Residents can be nominated in one of several categories including Arts, Business, Church, Special Needs, Education, Elderly, Health/Hospitals, Media, Neighborhood, Philanthropy, Sports, and Youth Services. Please see the attached Nomination Form for the Eligibility and Criteria Requirements for the recipients’ consideration.

Award nominations are open to those residing in the Indianapolis/Marion County community. If you would like to nominate a candidate, please complete a nomination form and return it by Friday, August 20, 2010 deadline. Contact Douglas Hairston.

Download a nomination form from:’sCommunityServiceAward.aspx

Douglas S. Hairston, Director; Front Porch Alliance
Office of Mayor Greg Ballard – City of Indianapolis
P: 317-327-4336 F: 317-327-5271

Town Council Meeting Tuesday September 14

Join the Town Council at 7:30 p.m. for the next Town Council meeting.

Dog keepers: Heartworm in Rocky Ripple

A resident on Lester Street has reported that one of her dogs died of heartworm this week and she has another dog who has tested positive and is undergoing treatment.  She does not know if he’ll make it.  Be aware that heartworm is in this neighborhood. Consider getting your dog(s) tested and follow your veterinarian’s instructions. It may expensive, but the alternative is to watch your pet die a slow and agonizing death, according to the resident.

Find out more about heartworm.

Latest Council Updates

Upcoming Town Meetings

The next regular meeting of the Town Council takes place Tuesday January 12 at 7:30 p.m. (Town Hall opens at 7 p.m. with snacks.) Attending Town Council meetings is the best way to find out what’s going on around Town.

Be sure to check the Town Web site regularly for additional information:

Also, mark your calendar for Tuesday January 19, 7:30 p.m., for the first Community Association meeting of 2010!

Septic Tank Elimination Program updates

The City of Indianapolis has posted the latest updates to the Septic Tank Elimination Program. Find out more by scrolling down or clicking on the City of Indianapolis category.

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Repairs made to Town truck

Council President Robert Tomey reported that repairs to the truck were more expensive than he had originally anticipated. However the repairs have been made in time to plow Town streets during this latest snow fall. Thanks go to Ely for his work.

Officials have asked a Town contractor, Adam Garvey, to salt Canal Boulevard given its proximity to the Indianapolis Water Company Canal.