Brush Clean Up Request

Rocky Ripple Residents/Home Owners,

Please assist with the request below from town marshal/town manager Mike Kiefer, who is always looking out for our best interests:
With all of the recent rains and winds, residents need to check their properties for obstructions of the roadway and street signs from overgrown brush or fallen trees. Rocky Ripple Town ordinances require residents to keep roadways clear of trees and flora.
From the Town Ordinances, 2-3-3 Sec. 11:
Duties of Property Owner
(a) The owner of any private property in Rocky Ripple which borders or lies adjacent any public street, alley, right-of-way, place or park and upon which any trees or flora may be standing shall trim or cause such trees or flora to be trimmed, either at the property line, or to a clear height of at least eight (8) feet above the surface of any abutting right-or-way or place, and fourteen (14) feet above any public street or alley. No person shall plant or maintain any tree or flora so close to any property line as to obstruct the vision or free passage of pedestrians or motorists along the streets or public right-of-way. Rocky Ripple or its contractual agents may enter upon private property to do such cutting or trimming as may be necessary to remove any offending and obstructing tree or flora that is prohibited by the provisions hereof.
(b) An owner shall, and Rocky Ripple may, remove from flora all dead, decayed, broken or dangerous limbs, branches or parts thereof or any that overhang or are close to any public street, alley, right-of-way, or place, and, when any such flora is dead, the owner shall completely remove the same, or after notice to and failure of the owner so to do, the Town of Rocky Ripple or its lawful agents may cause such removal and charge the cost thereof to the owner.
Marshal Kiefer will begin clearing brush away from street signs in the coming weeks and would request residents be proactive in clearing their property of bushes encroaching the street and the low hanging branches over the street.  If you have any questions please contact Marshal Michael Kiefer at 317-257-7962 or email at
Michael Kiefer, Marshal/Town Manager
Town of Rocky Ripple
930 W. 54th Street
Indianapolis, IN  46208

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